Make money on the web with an article

5 ways to make money on the web with an article.


The winning formula for making money with an article.

Would you like to recognize a winning formula on how to make money on the web by writing articles? Here’s how I do it. I write an editorial, create 4-5 variations of it, and sell it for use by others in my same profession. In reality, only this part of my business generates enough income to help me fully without effort. Just about anyone in any profession or business can replicate this formula.

I write articles for government coaches, and business enterprise specialists. They use exclusive versions of my articles from their own newsletters, with their own names in the byline. When they buy a piece of writing, they get the reprint rights, but not the exclusivity. But since they are in all parts of the United States and arena, they don’t come across others using the same item. They are also loose to alternate the object.


This system can be used in any industry.

Let’s say you’re a veterinarian. You know many pets, and the customers of your veterinary medical facility. You can Make money on the webeasily write articles that will appeal to your pet-owner clients. We can also already write and publish a regular newsletter with articles that appeal to your customers, and your potential customers.

What’s stopping you from writing your article to accommodate the wishes of other vets who need to send out an e-newsletter? You put up a short summary of this article on your website for veterinarians, providing it to them for a fee. They buy the reprint rights, and it’s used by loads of other vets who want to save time, and electricity on their own newsletters.

It’s a way to make money on the web by writing articles.


Here are 4 more methods, all taken from the same article.

This same article is revised many times in several lengths.

It can be offered in 3 unique lengths, for example, 2,000 words to form a four-page newsletter, 1,000 words for a 2-page e-newsletter, and 600-700 words for email, ezines. That’s 3 more methods to sell the same item.

You also take this identical item, change the name, make it more private by adding your personal reviews, which include your personal information, and your website links. You publish it to the article directories at the net.

This version of your article with your name on it is fetched – this time without spending a dime – through various websites looking for content. Every time another website publishes your article on their site, the link is returned for your website. The more inbound links you need to your website, the better rates search engines like Google offer.


Ranking in search engines.

This means that you can start to rise in search engine rankings, when humans type keywords into Google or one of the other search directories. This is a fifth way to make money from the article as well. we can say that this approach is extra oblique. Your article is used without spending a dime, but the strength of the link will compel new customers to visit your website.

Finally, you can use this same article, or another modified template of it, on your own website and blogs to attract new customers to you. Having enjoyable content for your web page, and on your blogs will ensure that readers respect your knowledge, and use your offers, or buy your products.

Here is a bonus idea to make money on the web from your articles.

Make money on the webAssemble a collection of articles on the same topic, format them into a PDF ebook, and promote them for your website.

You probably have knowledge and understanding in your own field that others could pay for to have great content for their personal newsletters. This method requires decent writing abilities, or you can hire a professional editor to help you. It also requires you to master the art of web marketing so you can reach potential buyers for your items.

To market effectively, you can post your articles to the many article directories on the web, and quickly generate traffic for your websites and blogs.

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