Make Money Online in 5 steps

Updated: 24/01/2023

Amazing 5 Step Formula Shows You How To Make Money Online.

Follow these five simple and amazing steps to making money online and beat 95% of different entrepreneurs.


Step 1 – Target a large group of humans.

First you need to research your target market. You need to find enough targeted people who have money to spend and a problem to solve. To make money online, you need to provide an amazing product or service that solves a problem for them.


You need to search:

Make Money Online(a) What are people looking for online?

(b) How many people search online for a solution to their specific problem?


First, what should you advertise about your proposed new online business?

Ideally, you should be marketing something that you are keenly interested in, it could motivate you. You can find out what people are trying to find on Google here:



Step 2 – Locate a good product to make money online.

Once you’ve researched your target market, it’s time to quickly locate your services or products. If you have your own remarkable product, otherwise there are plenty of alternatives to sell or resell other people’s products.

There are loads of goods you can locate quickly. However, advertising, marketing and selling a clearly superior product requires a bit more attention (you can make your own, but you have to start fast, right?)


Next…Find your merchandise.

You can choose to sell physical products or virtual products online. Digital products cover many different areas of hobbies and are very profitable. There are no shipping costs with virtual download products. They must have a great desire to promote as maximum offer of appropriate margins.


Here are some great resources for sourcing digital goods:

  1. www.Clickbank.Com
  2. Www.Cj.Com


There are different sources, but the above websites are a great starting point for all types of fast-promoted virtual download products.


Step 3 – Market your audience.

Now that you’ve researched your preferred market, and positioned the best products you could sell, it’s time to reach out and grab those product-hungry people.

So how are you going to attract your hungry consumers with little to no cost?


You MUST reach your target market in a way that allows you to continue earning great income. There are many approaches to achieve this (that’s another book in itself). But, I am going to show you the most profitable way to market almost any service or product online. In truth, it’s so powerful that it won’t cost you anything (just some time to complete it).


What is this free technique?

Articles. Yes… article advertising is THE most effective way to attract prepared customers to your web page for little to no value. You basically write something that is informative and interesting to readers in your target market, then post your articles to directories in your blog.

The hyperlinks in your published articles will be embedded into your website and drive targeted visitors to your product. Articles can also be a top notch aspect to give any properly optimized website higher scores in search result pages.


Step Four – Offer a totally tempting low (or unfixed) priced product.

When someone visits your webpage, you need to offer a FREE or exceptionally inexpensive product to “hook” your Tomake moneypotential buyer from the get-go. The goal is to get the chance to “buy” you so you can start building a courtesan business. A mastering step if you wish.

Make your initial offer very hard to refuse and also grab their email offer, so you can follow up in case they don’t buy the first time. (1 per hundred or less purchases on their first visit to a website).

Once your customer has taken your first product, it can be a free email, a “how to” ebook, a mini-record, or a cheap $27 intro product, then you need to start accumulating agreements and to offer additional luxury, products with better margins.


To make money long term.

The only way to earn long-term income, and make money online, is to bank on that low-margin first sale. After the first sale, you then comply by offering more and more expensive goods at every opportunity.

As long as the products or offers you offer are correct and deliver what they promise, you will give away a cash prize. It’s what we all need when we buy something. This is how all successful groups and people do until they flourish.


Step 5 – Follow up and offer more expensive merchandise.

Repeat the procedure over and over again with successful products and services, and delete those that failed. These simple steps may also seem quite obvious, but guess what, most entrepreneurs don’t do it.

When you follow your customers, you need to provide them with products associated with their first purchase. Use an autoresponder to automate your communications.

Follow this simple 5-step method, research your concept well, and you can make money online.


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